Powder Coating is widely considered a better way to paint parts of your vehicle in order to protect it from natural elements, chipping, scratching and UV rays for longer periods of time. It also happens to look sharp. Final Finish has hundreds of color options that will enhance the look of your car, motorcycle or utility vehicle. <b>We commonly coat aluminum, steel, rims, car wheels, motorcycle wheels, equipment, outside furniture, frames, and other various auto parts.</b> For exhaust components, see our <a href=”https://finalfinishusa.com/ceramic-coatings/”>ceramic coatings services</a>.

The secret to Powder Coating is the use of electrostatically. We prep the dry paint and hook it up to our Powder Coating gun. These guns are specifically made to infuse the dry paint with positive electric charges as it moves through the chamber. Upon application the dry paint, now with the electric charge, binds to the metal creating an extremely strong bond.

We provide cost estimates. An average cost estimate for a single 15”-20” wheel with average prep time is $85.00/wheel, steel or aluminum.